about me

My name is Rahel and I live in a Kibbutz in Israel- right under a pecan tree.

I am mother to three kids (Neomi- 10 years old, Helen- 8 years old and Yotam- 5 years old) and wife to a wonderful husband.

I am originally from Switzerland- I came to the Kibbutz as a volunteer and got stuck here 14 years ago.

In Switzerland I was a teacher- here in the Kibbutz I first worked in the avocado-orchard and now I work in the export department in one of the factories of the Kibbutz.

I love being creative (drawing, sewing, knitting...)- but with three kids, a 100% job and the household there's not much time left to do it. (Yes- I would love to work less at my job, but...) I am also interested in interior design (even studied for 2 years), gardening, cooking and reading books.
This blog is a bit of a collection of my creative stuff, activities with the kids and family life.

Hope you enjoy reading my blog! 

You can read here a bit more about myself.

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You can write me privately, if you want: rahelsarid(at)hotmail.com

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