Thursday, 27 July 2017

house update

It's been a while since my last update.
I feel a bit exhausted- it's partly the heat of the summer but also the house-building-project that takes up almost every spare minute. And I am not even dealing a lot of things. I could never do this without my husband. He is dealing such a lot of things, is constantly in touch with the builder, the bank and whatever else. He deserves a HUGE thank-you. 
here will be the eating area- the wooden floor is not yet installed.

I dreamed many years of how I would like our house to look like. I made thousands of plans. Thousands of times over the last ten years we said to ourselves "when we will have the new house" if we saw something nice. And now that we need to choose so many things- sometimes it get's too much, too overwhelming. We do the basics- we will not have the perfect interior. Mainly out of financial reasons- but I also like to live first in the place and let it grow around and with us. So we bought the most basic furniture/ lightning that we could not do without and everything else will be either old stuff or things we will "upcycle".
the kitchen will be here

All in all I am very happy about how our house looks so far. I love the wooden windows, the wooden beams, the wooden stairs, the dark tiles in the entrance and kitchen...
from the outside- the balcony/ deck is not yet built

I am already dreaming of the garden and I made many plans on what to grow, where to grow etc.

We fantasize about a homestead (or something similar)- but that will stay a dream for now. Although we live in the "countryside", we definitely do not have enough space. A garden-space of around 150m2 (around 1,600 ft2) is too small- although still not bad for a vegetable garden/ flowers/ herbs.
But the chicken, goats or sheep, more fruit-trees etc will not fit in.