Thursday, 8 December 2016

yarn along

I almost finished the hat I knit for my godchild. She's a mountain girl and I hope she will like the pattern of the chamois (I guess that would be the right name of this animal).

I am still a bit struggling with the fair isle knitting when it comes to the right thread tension so it would look more even...
I still need to add a fleece on the inside of the cap.
And then I need to finish my other secret knitting project.

I am reading "Family Matters" by Rohinton Mistry. A nice book but at times a bit "slow"...

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Wednesday, 9 November 2016

yarn along

I managed to finish one of my three ongoing knitting projects (I have already 2 more lining up).
I knitted handwarmers (it will be a present) and used my pattern from this project as a base.

I love the strong blue colour of this yarn. I used 100% soft merino wool- the same I used for the hat I knitted for my husband.

I also finished another book: The Rosetta Key by William Dietrich. I enjoyed the story- a mix of fiction and real history. The story plays partially in the area I live and know and this made it even more interesting.

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Thursday, 3 November 2016

olive harvest

We started to harvest the olives. The kibbutz owns some smaller fields with olive trees and the harvest is done by a group of volunteers. We will get some of the oil as a reward for the work. The oil we got last year lasted a whole year- we even have still some left. We are cooking/ baking almost only with olive oil (in addition I use sometimes butter and coconut-oil).

Harvest is done on the weekend. Last week on Saturday also the kids joined- it is a nice experience.
The olives are beaten from the trees with sticks. They fall on nets on the floor and we collect them in containers. The oil will be pressed in another place.

part of one of the olive orchards- the trees are still quite young

The kids in action :-)

Having fun... :-) Yotam did not want to leave the machine- he loved it so much.

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

wood and kites

My husband is being very creative- he started to carve wooden spoons- he probably has made already around a dozen and is improving fast- the last ones turned our very nice. I especially like the reddish one from an Eucalyptus tree he fell by himself. Below some more cutting boards he made. I am replacing the plastic ones we had so far and they also make nice presents.
He just loves to work with wood and I love to watch him work and to see him being so enthusiastic about something. :-)

It is also kite flying time. The annual kite-flying day in the kibbutz was a success. Usually we create our own kites some days before- this year was the first time the kibbutz offered kite-building kits beside the traditional material. Those kites flew so good that we created 2 more at home with the same pattern. My husband also made a traditional one that flew very good.

Since the "official" kite-flying-day we went several more days to fly our kites and I want to go again on the weekend. It is a very nice thing to do- somehow relaxing :-)
They are building a new neighbourhood and the wind is very good there. (That's why it looks like a building site)

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

shaving cream marble paper

We made some marble paper with shaving cream and gouache. I have no good picture of the paper- but then the process was much more important.
I got the idea from here.

First I covered a baking dish with a plastic bag and some tape. We sprayed shaving cream into the dish and added some small drops of gouache (I guess you could use watercolour or other paint too). With a small stick the girls swirled the coulour until they thought that it looked nice.

A paper was placed on top of the shaving cream mixtre and gently pressed down.

The paper was peeled off and the excess shaving cream scrapped down. We hanged the paper outside- in the dry heat we had for a few days the artwork was dry within a very short time... well almost. It turned out that the shaving cream was rather sticky and did not really dry so the end result was pleasing to look at but not very nice to touch...

But playing with the foam was fun! :-)
Only the boy did not want to join- he preferred to simply paint with the brush.

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

yarn along

I finally knit something for myself again- well, at least I started.
I am knitting the "simple knit shrug". We will see how this will turn out. Right now I have some doubts about the size- although I calculated and measured and calculated and measured again and compared to the instruction... I guess I will be alright.

I am reading a German book. Usually I read in English because that's what's mostly available here. But I got this book from another Swiss lady here in Israel and so far I love it.
It is the story of a murder in the Jewish community of Zurich and the investigation of the Rabbi.

Joining Ginny and her yarn along.

a man of peace died

He was a man of peace- at least that's the image have in my head. 
For me it is today as if the last spark of hope for peace died… This might not be true, but it feels like it right now.

Shimon Peres died. 93 years. A life so full, it is hard to comprehend, hard to put in words- it would fill books. 
Looking back not everything was perfect- but for me he was a great man of peace, a man with dreams, a man with a vision.

I once even met him and shook his hand- that was 11 years ago at an event for former kibbutz volunteers. I will remember this moment.

Since some time I want to visit the Peres Center For Peace in Tel Aviv. I should really do so one day.

Here a link to a nice, funny, short movie- Shimon Peres is looking for a new job in 2014 after his term as president of Israel.

May he rest in peace. May many people be inspired by his vision and his dreams.

image by tracy walker

Thursday, 15 September 2016

drawing cards for the kids

Rosh HaShana is getting closer- the Jewish New Year.
That also means, that we parents need to prepare cards for the kids with good wishes for the new year- they usually hang them in the kindergarten/ school.
I like to make them small drawings.
This year I made a small pomegranate-king that holds an apple. Both fruits have a connection to the Jewish New Year. The pomegranate because of various reasons- but I guess mainly because this is the season of those red, juicy fruits.
Apples are dipped in honey for a sweet new year.

The cards are not finished yet- I still need to choose a background and write something.

I need to start to draw again. I used to draw a lot but in the last years I did it less and less... I feel that I am a bit "rusty" and I should practice a bit more. :-)

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

a day in the big city

I like Tel Aviv. The problem is that I get there maybe once or twice a year only. It is actually not that far (a 60-90 minute drive), but only really possible for me to go there on a Friday. And Fridays are usually spent cleaning the house, making grocery shopping and try to steal 1-2 hours for myself for knitting/ sewing etc.

Last Friday I surprised my husband with a day in Tel Aviv. He turned 40 and we still had to celebrate a bit. I organized his mother as a babysitter and this way we had the luxury of one whole day for ourselves. 

I like these trees with the beautiful flowers- no idea what they are called...

Of course I had a tiny bit of self-interest in going to Tel Aviv- I needed to buy fabric. The Nachlat Binyamin Street in Tel Aviv is fabric heaven. Yeah well- I know at least one wonderful shop in Switzerland too- but I am not there and prices are of course  m u c h  higher.
I could shop fabric for hours. But I made a small list only and set an approximate limit to my spending. I will regret it during the year when I have things I want to sew and won't have fabric- but I can't and don't want to bore my husband too much with it.

my fabric shopping results...
olives in all kinds of shapes and colours and tastes at the Carmel market

We ate lunch in a very nice small Greek restaurant next to the Carmel market. Loved the blue and white decoration. It felt almost like being on a real holiday. We ate a very tasty meal consisting of a lentil-tomato salad, fish ceviche and meat on a pita.

For the afternoon I bought tickets for a concert of the Red Band. A great show! The lead singer is Red- a puppet that has a bit of a rude, vulgar personality- which was really fun. I loved the songs, I was impressed by the actor/ singer that played the puppets. I can really recommend this show.

After the show we walked around Neve Zedek and went for dinner at the Giraffe Noodle Bar for Asian food with friends.
I very much enjoyed the day. The feeling of being in the big city, the time to enjoy as a couple, to talk, to be together.

Back in every-day-life I am currently in a bit of a strange mood. I very much miss my "home"- the green fields, the green forests, the mountains, the "indian summer", my parents and sisters and nieces/ nephews, brothers in law and other relatives and friends in Switzerland.

I am once more asking myself all kinds of questions- like why the hell I work in an office job, if I really want to stay in this country, why after all these years I still do not connect with a lot of things in Israel (besides a lot of nice things…)… I get into moods like this once in a while. Usually I manage to push them away after a few days.

Monday, 12 September 2016


After measuring things, we continued to do some construction activities.
I prepared some "stations" for them.

Construction with toothpicks and marshmallows/ raisins, straws and pipe cleaners, cardboard and straws, toilet paper rolls and long wooden sticks, building blocks...
There are a lot of ideas on pinterest- my never ending source of inspiration.

Some things they can try to build  according to images I found on the internet here.

I planned to continue to look with them at famous buildings in the world and do some more construction/ architecture stuff. But on that day I got so upset about some personal stuff that I lost all my energy and will to do something creative with the kids. I was in a bad and "depressed" mood all this day... so now there are still some activities waiting. 

I love to prepare things like this for our kids. I guess it's the teacher-side in me :-)


In the last days of August the day care was closed and the kids were at home all day for a week. Some days my mother in law took care of them, some days my husband and some days I took off from work to be with them.

One day we started with a walk in the morning, We searched for some straight sticks. First they played a game they like where you place the sticks in a certain space from each other and jump over them- each time enlarging the space between the sticks.

We measured the sticks and marked them so each one had a measuring stick.

They started to measure all kinds of things on our walk.

And they also measured how far they can jump (probably also inspired by the Olympic games).

At home (after all it's getting way too hot outside after 9 or 10) they continued to measure things- tables, beds, fridge....

... and themselves.

We continued to a construction part- see next post.