Sunday, 20 September 2015

Verkehrshaus- Museum of Transport

While we were in Switzerland we visited the "Verkehrshaus" in Lucerne- the Swiss Museum of Transport.
I remember going to this museum as a child.I guess almost 30 years passed since I visited as a child- but the museum was interesting as ever.
I just love to see those old airplanes and trains and ships. U-boats, bikes, cars, space shuttles...
There was a lot to do and see and explore. The kids loved it too- but I would not mind to go there again without the kids and really have time to study everything. The kids did not have much patience to get too many explanation :-)

As you can see- I like old planes... just wish I could also enjoy flying... I really have a hard time flying.

A area to play "construction"- Yotam loved it of course :-)

You could easily spend a full day in this museum- we did not even visit one of the special exhibitions/ shows...

And if you are hungry- just cross the street and you are in a park on the lake shore. We ate our sandwiches there, watched ducks and dangled the feet in the water.

Thursday, 3 September 2015

stones and water

Stones and water- what more do you need to occupy the kids (and yourself) for hours? You can build dams, make stone bridges and sculptures...
This is from one of our hikes in Switzerland. We had a fun time at this little creek- wish I could do this more. It reminds me also of my childhood- I loved to do play at creeks...