Thursday, 31 December 2015

yarn along

I like to read Ginny's blog "small things"- she has this regular post on Wednesdays called "yarn along".
Although already Thursday, I thought I will try to join this time.

I learned how to knit when I was around seven years old- from my mother and in school. But I never knitted a lot and mostly easy things. I preferred sewing.
But knitting is convenient if you have only a few minutes here and there to spare so I started again to knit some time ago. I even started something I always wanted to know how to do- to knit nice patterns with two different colours. I first knitted a hat for Yotam and finished now the one for Neomi (above). The third one is in work for Helen. They could all choose the animal they wanted me to knit. I lined the inside with a soft fleece fabric.

What am I reading? "The ghost of Hannah Mendes" by Naomi Ragen.
I really like it so far. It is a very interesting story- a mix of history and love story.

Since it is the last day of the year- I wish you all a new year filled with peace, health and lot's of moments filled with laughter and joy.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015


My oldest daughter has this shirt that she really likes to wear- I call it a "bat-shirt". I though that it looked like a quite simple cut and since I had some lovely blue, light fabric I thought I will give it a try and make a similar shirt for her.
I once bought the fabric to make a skirt for myself, but never quite came around to it. 

4 years ago I sew two nice dresses for my daughters- for the wedding of my sister. The bigger dress is still fitting the younger daughter- but not for long anymore. And since I never made nice pictures, I took the chance this weekend and made some. At the time I made my own pattern with the help of some existing patterns and tutorials. Even the buttons I made myself.

Monday, 19 October 2015

this and that

Somehow September passed. I have a difficult time being away from my side of the family. It hurts me not to be able to be with them during this hard time. I am mourning the loss of my little niece from afar and it's not easy.

But then life goes on, as hard as it is. And food needs to be prepared and kids want to play and create, work needs to be done and plans need to be made...

We put our tent in the garden for the kids to play. They wanted to sleep in it, but ended up inside in their beds in the end.

Our lazy cat Bruno.

Stamping with apples on fabric bags- as a present for the Jewish New Year (Rosh HaShana)

And the youngest is always busy with drilling, hammering, screwing, sawing, fixing things...

pine cone birds

Some weeks ago we celebrated the Sukkot holiday where you build a small "hut" outside. You are supposed to eat, sleep etc in this hut and it is usually nicely decorated. Every year we make some new decorations (see also here and here) and some can be put aside to be used again the following year. This year we made small birds from pine cones.

We collected some pine cones and feathers.

We glued the feathers to the pine cone with hot glue. The eyes and beak are from felt- but you could use other materials like paper, fabric, rubber foam...

Since Sukkot is over, the birds hang now over our dining table.

Sunday, 18 October 2015


Painting with paper mache paste is fun- at least until your fingers start to get all sticky.

To make "Kleister" (paper mache paste) is very simple- basically you make a glue that you can use for everything else too. 
I make regularly glue like this.
You just need flour and water- I don't even measure the amount sometimes. I pour some flour into a pan, add some water and start to heat it. Keep stirring the mixture and add water when it gets too thick.

When you feel that the mixture is good enough, let it cool a bit until you can touch it with your fingers without burning yourself.

I put a small amount on each paper, added some drops of gouache (I guess you can use any kind of colour- should make some experiments one day) and let the kids "go wild".

They mixed/ painted with their fingers. Later I gave them some tools- like toothpicks, paper-rolls, fork…  the fun part is, that you can always "erase" what you made and make new patterns. 
The colour get all mixed up into a grey/ brown tone, but if that bothers someone you can use just one or two colours.

You could also add some glitter or sand (I would recommend to try this outside if you don't want to spend another hour cleaning the sandy/ glittery floor afterwards :-)

After a while the paste dries- the pictures get hard and the fingers stick together- so go and wash your hands- if possible without flooding the bathroom, thanks a lot! :-)

electronic parts

We found this old stuffed elephant with some kind of mechanism inside that was not working anymore. I took out the mechanism and stuffed the elephant with a bit more filling. Yotam likes the elephant. And he loved to unscrew the tiny screws and open the mechanism to see what's inside.

A similar post is here.

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Verkehrshaus- Museum of Transport

While we were in Switzerland we visited the "Verkehrshaus" in Lucerne- the Swiss Museum of Transport.
I remember going to this museum as a child.I guess almost 30 years passed since I visited as a child- but the museum was interesting as ever.
I just love to see those old airplanes and trains and ships. U-boats, bikes, cars, space shuttles...
There was a lot to do and see and explore. The kids loved it too- but I would not mind to go there again without the kids and really have time to study everything. The kids did not have much patience to get too many explanation :-)

As you can see- I like old planes... just wish I could also enjoy flying... I really have a hard time flying.

A area to play "construction"- Yotam loved it of course :-)

You could easily spend a full day in this museum- we did not even visit one of the special exhibitions/ shows...

And if you are hungry- just cross the street and you are in a park on the lake shore. We ate our sandwiches there, watched ducks and dangled the feet in the water.

Thursday, 3 September 2015

stones and water

Stones and water- what more do you need to occupy the kids (and yourself) for hours? You can build dams, make stone bridges and sculptures...
This is from one of our hikes in Switzerland. We had a fun time at this little creek- wish I could do this more. It reminds me also of my childhood- I loved to do play at creeks...

Monday, 10 August 2015

how life changes in a second

Well... actually I already wanted to write a new post for some time now. We spent one month in Switzerland- a beautiful month with lots of fun and happy moments... 
But not even back for 3 weeks, I already have another ticket for Switzerland in my bag- but this time it's going to be a completely different story.

My little niece died. There was a very bad car accident. 
An outing for the kids of my sister and the kids of their friends that ended in a tragedy. Leaving two bereaved families. Two little girls that now will be badly missed. Thanks God, the bigger daughter of my sister survived without physical harm.
We are all terribly sad. I cried a lot but keep myself busy with work until I will fly. 
I will spend a few days with my sister, my niece (also my god-child) and my brother-in-law.

It will probably take a while before I will post again.

Monday, 13 April 2015

mechanical parts

Years back- when I worked as a teacher in a kindergarten, I used to collect old machines- like alarm-clocks and radios- bring them to the kindergarten and the kids could take them apart.
Today I brought some old, non-functional parts from work home. I work in a factory that develops and produces water meters and those small mechanical parts are always fascinating for the kids.
Yotam and Helen spent almost one hour taking apart, checking, sorting, trying to fit together again those gears, wheels, magnets etc.