Wednesday, 28 August 2013

here we go (again)....

Well- it's better not to read news these days...
I am sick to the stomach. I do not usually write about those things here. I prefer to write about our creative projects, about family life and the happy sides of life...
Not about war and hate and fear and helplessness.
I do often think about those people in Syria. After all- they are only a few kilometes away. To Damaskus it's around 140 kilometres (around 88 miles)- to the border less.
After hearing of the gas attak last week I felt really disgusted, sad, horrified and afraid...
After hearing the threats from Assad and Iran- that they will attak Israel should the USA attak Syria- well I am a short distance from panic.

Life goes on as normal here. Neomi had her first school-day yesterday and the 1-class-ceremony today. It was strange. Is she already already that big? She is very eager to learn :-)
And other than this life seems to go on as usual. I guess it is the many years people already live with all kinds of threats and wars like this. They don't panic easily. They shut their eyes and tell themselfs that everything will be okay... Well- I very much hope, I pray, that we won't be dragged into a war and that the situation in this part of the world will calm down for everyone very fast. After all- what do we allwant? What do we simple people want- no matter on which side we live? To have a job, to have a place to live, to rais our kids in peace and see them grow, to just live.

Saturday, 10 August 2013

simple toy for small toddlers

I had this empty bottle from dish soap, cut some holes, fixed the top in a way that the kids can open it and close it and the new toy for Yotam was finished... He has now all kinds of small stuff he can try to push into the bottle- Lego pieces, big beads, buttons, cork...

Thursday, 8 August 2013

body paint

I thought I will give body paint a try. Anyway it is hot and humid outside- and this is perfect for this weather...

I used:

2 tablespoons body cream 
2 tablespoons water
2 teaspoons cornflour

Just mixed everything together and started with the fun...
... Neomi turned very fast into a Smurfette- she loved it, Yotam basically wanted to eat the whole stuff- probably thought that it's yogurt, and Helen preferred to just rub her arms and belly slowly with the cream...

After they finished, I hosed them down. Because the body-cream was very oily, I also had to put them in the shower and use quite a bit of soap.
If you want to do this- use a cream that is not oily! Be also aware that some food colours are hard to get down... the blue we have is leaving stains!

We had a bit body paint less- I filled it into a zip bag for further sensory play... (like here and here)

small hand-made presents

On our flight to Switzerland we met a nice family with four girls and on the way back they were on the same flight again. Neomi and Helen became friends with the two bigger girls, exchanged addresses and are now in contact with them through letters. The other girls sent them some lovey handmade bracelets and Neomi and Helen wanted to send them something handmade too... 
I came up with the ideas of the hair bands. The girls "dived" into my fabric stock, chose the fabrics and helped to make the hair bands. Then they decorated small labels and helped to print the names of the girls on them.
I though it turned out nice :o)

new ways to play with paint

I put some pipette-bottles and small spray bottles from remedies aside and a few days ago we decided to try and see how we can use them with paint. It's a nice way to train fine motor skills- especially with the pipette.
I gave them also some straws to blow onto the paint drops.
The mini-spray-bottle did not work very well. Maybe I can find one that will work better next time.