knitting and voting

Today are elections here in Israel- first time I can vote too and until the last moment I was not completely sure for which party to vote.
Good thing- we have a day off. We went for a walk in the wadi with friends, made a picnic in the garden and enjoyed the nice weather.

Here some pictures of the arm warmers I knitted. I love the colour and I am proud of myself that I managed to knit them (thanks to my mother who helped to start them while we were in Switzerland). They will keep me now warm in those short winter months.

We made a BBQ today and the kids enjoyed to draw with the coal on the street :o)


vervlogen dagen said…
Wow. Lovely color and on the round and all. Lauren had lost her hat I might be knitting again too...
patitolubi said…
Nice arm warmers. Lovely color.

♥ Pati
Liebe Rahel,
die sind ja toll!
Da wäre ich auch stolz auf mich.
Mir gefällt die Farbe auch sehr gut.
GLG aus Bayern nach Israel

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