Tuesday, 28 June 2011

a new old bike

On Saturday Neomi turned 4. How time is running! How come that as a kid a year seems like an eternity and when you get older a year just seems to get shorter and shorter…

My husband and I fixed an old bike for her. We found the bike and it was still in a good shape- although for sure more than 20 years old. We took it apart, replaced some parts and painted it new. Neomi loves it and she now will have to practice to ride it.
Until now she had one of those wooden "like-a-bike" without pedals- a great bike!

Below one pictue that will for sure be one of my all-times-favourites. Neomi and her friend Noya on the tricycle.

Monday, 27 June 2011

now I can show...

Some time back I created the wedding- invitation for my little sister. That means I made the picture/ drawing and printed it- after this my sister glued them on nice cards.
I am looking forward to their wedding in September and wish I could be there to help her plan and choose stuff....

Thursday, 23 June 2011


It's not one of my best days. I am tired and would love to just crawl back into bed and hide under the cover... but I need to work and in the evening I will have to start to bake muffins and brownies for Neomi's birthday party tomorrow (well- maybe this will make me feel better)...

I am a bit homesick. I am usually good in suppressing this feeling. It was really bad when I just moved here and suddenly realised that I am not here for just another visit but for good...

Heimweh nach frischer, würziger Bergluft,
Heimweh nach weichem Moos unter den nakten Füssen und nach runden Kieselsteinen aus dem Bach.
Heimweh nach Bergen, die sich rosarot verfärben am Ende eines bitterkalten Wintertages.
Heimweh nach grünbedeckten Hügel und darin eingebetteten Bauernhäuser.
Heimweh nach dem Duft von frischem Holz, sonnenerwärmten Tannennadeln und frischgemähtem Heu.
Heimweh nach hochstämmigen Apfel- und Kirschbäumen voller süssen Früchten.
Heimweh nach knisterndem Feuer im Ofen und knarrenden Holztreppen.
Heimweh nach frisch gekochter Hagenbuttenkonfitüre und Hollundergelee.
Heimweh nach stundenlangem Ligretto und Dog spielen.
Heimweh nach warmem Sommerregen und heftigen Sommergewittern.
Heimweh nach Familie und Freunden, nach Schweizerdeutsch.
Heimweh nach wandern in den Bergen, nach Wasserfällen und Alpweiden, nach Glockenblumen, Schlüsselblumen und Margeriten.
Heimweh nach unbeschwerter Kindheit.
Heimweh nach meinem Elternhaus voller Duft nach frischem Zopf, nach frischer Aprikosenwähe, nach frischer Kirschenkonfitüre, nach frischem Sonntagskaffee...
Heimweh nach Kuhglockengebimmel.
Heimweh nach Sonnenstunden am Rhein, nach Zeitung lesen im Cafe.
Heimweh nach Eisenbahn fahren und warten an Bahnhöfen.
Heimweh nach...

Sunday, 19 June 2011

another peaceful saturday

We had another peaceful Saturday. We spent all day outside in the garden- thanks to very nice weather. It is already middle of June and still not unbearable hot- love it!

While the girls played peacefully together I sat under the pecan-tree in the shadow and started a new knitting project- maybe I will manage to finish it until the winter will start. I am such a terribly slow knitter. But the arm-warmers I am knitting are simple to make...

While Helen was napping in the afternoon Neomi and I made paper-garlands for her birthday-party next Friday. I love those moments alone with her.

Friday, 17 June 2011

story magnets

I got the idea frome here. I would love to have a machine for laminating- but I don't. So I just printed and some images on paper, glued them to a thicker paper and stuck some thin magnets to the back. The magnets I have from all kinds of advertising- and business-magnets like you get them in shops.

I will make some more and then Neomi can play with them on the fridge. Since they are not laminated I won't give them to Helen- she would just tear them apart ina matter of a few seconds...

The nice thing is, that you can combine them anyway you want and invent cartoon-like stories.

I am also workign on story-cards. I found the idea here and thought that I could make some myself.

Thursday, 16 June 2011


Next week Neomi will turn 4. Time is running and she's already so big. We will make a small party for her- nothing fancy- just some of her friends will come over for cake and playing. I made an invitation even though this would not have been necessary- but I like to make those small things.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

gratitude list #2

My second gratitude list (online) 


- The big mulberry-tree in the courtyard at work
- Green parrots flying from tree to tree in the morning
- The blossom of a three that is leaving the ground covered with a beautiful,
   violet carpet
- A lonely stork, flying circles above my head
- A glowing beetle in the night


- Lying in the dark beside my husband and teaching him basics in German
- My husband , Neomi and I lying on the sofa in the evening, trying to find
  Walter in this book. (Where is Wally or Where is Waldo- in English)
- Helen's fascination of the CD-player- swinging from one leg to the other  to
  the sound of the music while we have a dance rehearsal
- Collecting pine nuts with Neomi
- Talking to my grandmother on her birthday- wishing to be with her though…


- The first couple of fresh cherries (terrible expensive this year)
- Lemony minty meatballs from this recipe
- I made my first ever cheesecake and it turned out just perfect


- Designing and painting the boards for Shavuot
- Reading the book "The help", written by Kathryn Stockett

Have a lovley day!

Saturday, 11 June 2011

a movie

I just found this movie about the old days of our Kibbutz. It is nicely made and shows a lot of aspects of the kibbutz-life. For those of you who are interested...
More about the Kibbutz you can read here:
part 4
part 3
part 2
part 1

Friday, 10 June 2011


So we had a nice shavuot holiday. The girls had fun seeing all their friends. Lot's of people cameto the festivities. There were songs and music and the harvest of the year was presented- mostly symbolic. Every year also the new born babies are presented with their parents and siblings. This past year there were 20 new babies born in our Kibbutz- that's a lot for such a small place.

I am in the middle with the black skirt- in the background you can see the boards I painted

The same place in 1944

There were dances-part of it you can see below and to compare with the same place about 70 years ago. The stone pillars are still standing but everything around is now so green and full of trees and bushes and houses. The story of Ruth from the bible is traditionally told on Shavuot- Neomi knows all the details :o) A few years ago the Kibbutz made a show with the story of Ruth- 70 years ago they made the same- My husbands grandfather played the part of Boaz.

The same place in 1944- my husband's grandfather playing the part of Boaz.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

accessories for the holiday

Shavuot- the harvest holiday- is over and I will write more about it tomorrow.
For now just some pictures of the accessories I made for the girls:

Pony-tail-holders for Neomi with some of the white fabric that was left from the dress.

Wreaths- I made them last year. The girls usually have wreaths with flowers, leaves or other stuff.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Only a short post before I will leave for the dance rehearsal. I finished to paint the boards for the stage with the "7 kinds of crop"- wheat, barley, fig, grape, granade, olive and date. Later I will post a picture when the boards will stand on the stage.

creative weekend

On Friday I had time to finish the dresses for the girls- now they will be able to wear them for Shavuot (Jewish harvest festival). For Neomi it had to be very twirly- so for the lowest stripe of the dress I had to use almost 4.5 meters of Fabric! Helen's is a bit less twirly and with my button-maker I made matching buttons. Maybe I will even make matching ponytail holders.

Saturday was a nice day. I got to paint the boards for the stage for the Shavuot festivities. I am not finished yet so I will go back to paint after work. It was nice to be creative, to have people pop in every now and then to take a look, give comments, gossip and supply me with cherries and water. And in the basement was a rehearsal so I even had nice music to listen to.
I will also participate in the dance- this is always fun too.
On Tuesday evening we will have a Shavuot-dinner- traditionally a dinner with loads of cheese - no meat on this holiday (well- this is no problem at all for me, since I don't eat a lot of meat anyway). So in the next days I will be busy with painting, rehearsals, baking and cooking.

On Saturday I had also a nice siesta- sitting outside underneath the pergola with the grapes and passion-fruits, reading my book and drinking a ice-coffee. Helen was sleeping and Neomi played something for herself. I love those peaceful moments.