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In the North

My husband and I enjoyed a weekend without the kids in the North. The weather was hot (30 degrees), dusty (better than the sandstorm some days before) and dry (hate it)- so the view was not the best.
We went up to the Nimrod Fortress. I passed by a few times but never visited, so I finally wanted to go and see this place high above the valley on the slopes of Mount Hermon. The castle was built around 1229 by Al-Aziz 'Uthman, a son of Saladin. Not everything is excavated, but it is an impressive site. 

There are leftovers of beautifully carved inscriptions in Arabic. A huge room with vaulted ceiling, a very big cistern, a secrete pass way, the prison etc. Oaks are growing amongst the ruins and give the impression of a small park within the site.
I want to go back there with the kids.

We drove further up the mountain and then along the border with Syria southwards to visit my husband's uncle who lives in the south of the Golan Heights.
It is a strange thing- to drive between minefields…

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