Thursday, 25 August 2016

yarn along

I finished to knit the mittens and I have some projects that I want to start. But I decided to practice and try out some new things. 
Like the frilled cast on and finishing techniques
It's such a great thing to have all those tutorials available on the internet. If my mother and sisters would live close I could ask them for help from time to time... but since that is not the case I rely on the internet.

I am reading a nice book called "dancing in the dark" by Maureen Lee. I enjoy the story and the characters. 

Joining Ginny at her yarn along.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

yarn along

Already a while since my last "yarn along"...

I found a pattern that I saved on my computer a while ago (this link). The pattern is for thumb-less baby mittens. A cute, small project. I finished one quite fast and need to do the second one. I only need to improve my yarn tension a bit and learn how to "kitchener" the top of the mittens close (I just sew them close). I made the hypo pattern but there are other ones and I have plans to knit two pairs more...

I am reading (just finished) the book "Helen of Troy" by Margaret George. It took me quite a while but it was a very nice book. A good balance between mythology and keeping it as close to history as possible.

Please check out Ginny's yarn along and join if you like.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016


From somewhere I rescued once two small blackboards. Yesterday the kids re-discovered them. Yotam is not much of a drawer or painter- the girls at his age already created nice drawings. But yesterday he enjoyed to draw circles and even patterns- I was happily surprised. He even wanted to learn how to write his name and apart from the "A" where I helped a bit he managed by himself.

Helen can't wait to start 1st class (3 weeks to go). Since weeks, even months, she is so excited and in the last days she intensified her interest in learning to read and write.
In Kindergarten they learned the Hebrew letters (their names and how they look) and she's starting to "connect" them and is trying to read (Which is not so easy in Hebrew because some letters can have different sounds- not like in German where each letter has a certain sound and there are only a handful of rules in order to know how to read).

She's also learning the latin letters. Once I drew a poster with all letters and the girls use it quite often if they don't know how a letter looks like.
Helen is already managing to read and write easy words. I love to be part of this process.

Sunday, 31 July 2016

a blanket

I finished the blanket for my little niece. I am quite proud of the final product. I made two or three blankets before but never in this style. It was fun and I even consider to make another one (for the new house).

I had a few minor problems (the bias tape is always tricky...) and hopefully I can improve my sewing at one point.

I made the bias tape myself- some 4 meters of it. Next thing I would like is a bias tape maker- that would probably save some time.
I usually use this way for creating the bias tape.

My husband was creative too on the weekend. From some scrap wood from the carpentry he created a new cutting board.

Sunday, 17 July 2016

this and that

I am so happy- my sister gave birth to a little girl last week. I feel like I am on an emotional roller-coaster... I feel unbelievable happy for them, I feel sad that again a little one is born and I will see her only when she'll be already "big" - at Christmas.... would have loved to cuddle her now. And all the emotions from last August came up, when they lost their little daughter in a tragic car accident.

I promised her a cover- like I already made for their other two girls.
I am a bit in a delay... I am doing a quilt and hopefully it will turn out ok since I am not a master-quilter. So far it looks promising.

I also started to knit again after a break of a few months. I saw this pattern and thought I should try. I don't know yet if it will be a washcloth or maybe a separation between pans (that they won't scratch). I used 100% cotton yarn.

Helen was creative one day last week and made this little penguin all by herself. She also decided to make a background. It's a cute little penguin made from egg-carton and felt.

And last but not least it looks like slowly, slowly we do get somewhere with our new house...
No building approval yet, but they start to take down walls... So finally after 3 years things seem to move.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

paint the house

It is going forward ever so slowly with our new house. We moved out some two months ago but all the permit process is taking very loooong. 
On the weekend the kids decorated the walls with chalk. We wanted to use gouache, but this we might do at another day....

Our oldest daughter celebrated her 9th birthday and she threw a birthday party together with a good friend of hers who is 4 days older than she is.
We organized together with the girls a small "thief hunt" through the kibbutz. The kids were the detectives and had to follow clues. Nothing too fancy but I think they quite enjoyed it.

Sunday, 19 June 2016

can I skip june?

The last two weeks of June are such a burden on parents (at least in Israel).

Our schedule is being filled with end-of-the-school-year events and parent-teacher meetings.

While I can see the importance of parent-teacher meetings, I have a hard time understanding why everywhere and everything needs to have a "celebration". My older daughter is in 3rd grade- she has an end-of-3rd-grade-celebration in school although they will continue with exactly the same teacher next year. She has a concert with the flute and a concert with the choir- very nice, but why in the last week before the summer holidays? She has an end-of-the-year celebration with her basketball team which I find completely unnecessary- or at least do it without parents. In addition there are some birthday parties and her own birthday.

And that's just one of our kids- we have two more.

For most of those occasions you need to bring some food and drink (yes, please bring some lovely homemade cakes!) , money is collected for gifts and in some cases the parents even do a show/ contribution in addition to what the kids do (this I completely fail to understand). In most cases smaller siblings are not really welcome and you either have to organize a babysitter or only one parent will attend. In some cases events fall on the same date and time.

I just hate to run around like this. I am a very "homely" person and I hate weeks where I am booked out every day from morning to evening, where housework is not being done (and I anyway don't have much time for it) and dinners turn into snacking fatty salty snacks and huge amounts of cakes at these events (less me but sure our kids).

At least I am already smart enough to sign up for the least time consuming foods to bring with us (cut melon, cups, drinks…) and I try to avoid any whats-app groups that discuss teachers gifts and similar things (usually long, time consuming conversations that lead to nothing).

Well- I guess I will need a holiday in the end of June.

And you know what- you can also ignore this post- I just had to vent a bit. J

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

play-dough and a birthday present

After a long time we made play-dough again. The batch of store-bought dough dried out. We made our own from conditioner and cornstarch- soft and nice smelling :-)
Add some beads, pipe cleaners, plastic eyes and the kids are busy.

The 4th birthday of our youngest is getting closer. If you ask him, waht he wants he will tell you all sorts of things like "a box of screws", "a wood plane, like Aba has" (woodworking tool, not the flying thing), nails, toolbox (he has already 3)...
He's so much into drilling, sawing, hammering etc. Actually he's like this already for over 2 years.
Well- but he also likes superheroes (where does that come from?), knights, swords, dinosaurs and dragons and the like. That's why I made a super-hero mask for him from felt. If I will have time, I will also sew a superhero-cape.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

a bag for kindergarten

My niece is starting kindergarten in summer. In Switzerland kids don't need to take too much to kindergarten- only a small snack and a water-bottle- so they carry small bags with them.
I had the honour to sew her bag. In the beginning of June I will be in Switzerland for a few days (adding some days after a business trip to Munich) and then I can give her the bag personally.

My niece is a country girl- growing up in the mountains. I chose a goat and I hope she will like it.

My sewing machine is getting old. I have a very old Bernina that my mother once bought second hand and brought to Israel for me. It is the same model I learned to sew with at home. Must be over 40 years old. But I start to have problems with the thread tension. I can adjust it but it's getting harder. I can still do button holes, but some of the "automatic" is not working anymore and I need to use some tricks.
I should save some money and buy a new one- leave the old one maybe for the kids to learn.

Monday, 2 May 2016

kids doodle

The ones who know me, know how much I love kids drawings and paintings. They have this care free way to put down on paper what they feel, see, dream... They don't think too much about how exactly to draw a certain thing- they just do it.
I used to draw a lot when I was a kid- actually up into my early thirties. In the last years I found less and less time for it.

The other day Helen showed me the above doodle she made in kindergarten- apparently she drew it with one of her friends in team work. I love the many small details, the way they covered the whole page.

There are drawings that are so complex I need to get explanations- and I enjoy the stories they tell about their art. Like a small window to their inner world, their thoughts.